Katie Klein
History 102
Section 009
Socialism is, and has been since its creation, a misunderstood political philosophy, especially in the capitalistic Western world. The common view of socialism by democracy and its supporters is that it suppresses the voice of the individual in order to create a uniform society where the weak (the poor) feed off the strong (the rich). In reality, Marx’s aim in his socialist philosophy is not in the transformation of the political constitution of society, nor the elimination of disparities between the social classes, but rather the ability of many to have control of his own destiny. This is outlined in Marx’s Communist Manifesto, which attributes the realization of this autonomous power only through the reformation of the previously mentioned societal agents. The exerpt in study is one from the autobiography of Ottillie Baader, a German socialist woman whos lived during the turn of the 20th century. The root of Baader’s accordance with socialism lies in her experience as a laborer, who is slave to the industrial system, which pits employee against his employer, his fellow employee, and his familly member, and ultimately results in the complete discontent in one’s life amassed by the tremendous struggle to survive. The aim of Marxist socialism is the eradicate the very hardhsips experienced by Baader, and many other laborers, that make life seemingly not worth living.
The exerpt specifically adresses Baader’s experience as a worker in the industrial market alongside growing technology and capitalism. She describes her working conditions as arduous and tiring, working 11 hours a day, with a small break for lunch, along side 100 other women operating a sewing machine in the exact same way (Baader Lines 26-28). This type of working condition is mentioned in the Manisfesto when Marx describes the montony and simplicity of such factory jobs, which make the worker “an appendage of the machine,” and causes him to lose all…

Concussions in Sports

Concussions in Sports With today’s contact sports, there is always one thing on the mind of its athletes, concussions. There are many discussions today in professional leagues such as the NFL and NHL surrounding this controversial topic, most of them revolving around how to make the game safer and prevent these terrible injuries. There have also been multiple lawsuits against these leagues because of concussions. Football was almost made illegal before the invention of helmets because too many players were getting concussions and other head and neck injuries. These types of injuries are not to be taken lightly, as they can lead to complications in the future.
In today’s ever changing health world, concussions are a big deal, especially in sports. People are beginning to take more notice to the alarming increase of this injuries over the past few years. This year in the NFL alone, there have been a total of 102 concussions reported by players. Along with that, five players have reported repeated concussions. There were ten total repeat concussions reported last year alone. Many of these athletes have experienced further complications and even death as a result of concussions. For example, Derek Sheely, a 22-year-old fullback at Frostburg State in Maryland, died on the practice field as a result of a concussion. What happened was he took a hit during practice and was bleeding from his forehead. He told his coaches he did not feel right and that he had a headache, he was evaluated four times by a trainer without a concussion test, so he was told to go back out to practice. He then took another hit to the head and told his coaches again that he felt nauseous and had a headache. He was told by his coaches to “quit your complaining, quit acting like a wimp and get back out there.” Soon after, he collapsed on the field. He was pronounced dead right there. There are also several lawsuits against the NFL and NHL as a result of players being improperly diagnosed and…

Trayvon Martin Case

On February 26, 2012 neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman shot unarmed 17 year old Trayvon Martin in a gated neighborhood of Sanford, Florida. Trayvon Martin was walking back from the convenience store when he was shot and killed. George Zimmerman told police he killed the teen in self-defense after a tussle. Zimmerman was taken in custody but released and no charges were filed. Later Martin’s parents created a petition for Zimmerman arrest. The incident sparked a national outcry and triggered an examination of the role race, guns and drugs play in America today.
Today the case is still national news. The lawyer that is representing the Martin family is Benjamin Crump. Crump has been by the family side since day one. Mark O’Mara is the attorney that’s representing George Zimmerman. Zimmerman is being charged with second degree murder and his trial is set for June 10, 2013. Attorneys for Martin have accused Zimmerman of racially profiling Martin and shooting him “in cold blood”. Zimmerman’s lawyers says the ‘Stand Your Ground” Florida passed in 2006 does not apply in Zimmerman’s case. Judge Debra Nelson ruled that Trayvon Martin’s familiarity with guns, his marijuana use and fights he may have been in cannot be brought up in Zimmerman’s trail. She also denied a request to take the jury to the crime scene. Also jurors will remain anonymous and will be referred to by numbers only during the trial.
A potential juror questioned Thursday voiced strong support for accused killer George Zimmerman, saying Trayvon Martin was “looking for a reason to fight” when he was “confronted by someone just trying to protect their neighborhood. Zimmerman charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of the Florida teen last year, says he acted in self-defense. Jury selection stretched into its fourth day Thursday, with about 20 potential jurors already in the pool of candidates to be interviewed in the next round, where attorneys will be able to ask more…

Jordan 6 Carmine Uk

Jordan 6 Carmine uk is perhaps the very best sneaker customizer out at this time, and the clientele varying from celebs and sports athletes alike hungry for his signature snakeskin uppers only verifies this. With your a higher interest in his coveted customs, which often range in the $1,000 cost point, can we start to see the popularity of individuals flipping their commissioned custom kicks on eBay? Today we obtain a glance at certainly one of his best releases within this luxurious take on air Jordan 1 ‘Royal’ removed lower after which put back together with python skin inside a size 10.
The Jordans 6 Carmine 2014 has continued to be fairly individually distinct because we last saw the famous first championship silhouette hit this Feb in 2 Infrared payments. Even though the ‘Carmine’ pair will finish things off for that month of May, particulars continue to be sparse around the red-colored leather pair referred to as ‘History of Jordan’ Jordans 6. Can it be an homage to Spike Lee because the inner lining includes a Spiz’ike like pattern? Today we obtain another see this mysterious pair having a premium upper while an icy outsole contrasts using the whitened midsole section and sparse accents of eco-friendly.
Your Friday evening just would not be complete with no comprehensive rundown out of your buddies at Jordans 6 Carmine uk online regarding which athletic shoes the weekend promises. Here you decide to go – all the footwear you have to be worried about for tomorrow are listed the following. The Environment Jordan 2 is returning, the Saucony footwear are particularly deep because of a double lower around the collab route, and you will find three different Kyrie Irving HyperRev pairs.

Legal Issues for Managers Ethics

1. A Conflict of Interest as described by the PAL code states that ‘while the Company respects the rights of employees to manage their personal affairs and investments employees must also act in the best interests of the company and avoid situations that present a potential or actual conflict between their interests and the interests of the company. A ‘conflict of interest’ exists when a person’s personal interests conflicts or interferes in any way with interests of the company. A conflict situation can arise when an employee takes actions or has interests that may make it difficult to perform his or her work objectively and efficiently. Conflicts of interest may not always be clear-cut, so if you are unsure about a situation or have a question, you should consult the Senior Ethics Advisor. Any employee who becomes aware of a conflict or potential conflict should bring it to the attention of the Senior Ethics Advisor as soon as possible’ (facts). a. Business Time: Employees shall devote their full business-related time and best efforts to accomplishing their assigned duties. Employees shall not simultaneously engage in business actives for any other business enterprise. 2. Matthew Graham is a junior accountant helping to prepare PAL’s audit. Matthew identifies an issue relating to the Company’s compliance with Australian Corporations Law and ASIC reporting requirements. It appears that the ‘manager of the internal auditing group has been recording the total amount of Cost of Goods Sold relating to their ‘Active wear’ range of clothing as 15% higher than they appear to be from the invoices’ (facts). I trust that PAL is disregarding section 1 of Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, ‘Compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations’. This section outlines that all employees must respect and obey all Government Laws, Rules and Regulations. Matthew is obeying this law by identifying a breach of the conduct and seeking advice from supervisors, managers or other…

Benny the War in Europe

Benny, the War in Europe, and Myerson’s daughter Bella
This short story takes place in Montreal in a Jewish family. It begins during WW2 and continues 5-10 years. It appears to be a small and mainly poor working class community. Benny’s family seems to be wanting more from life, especially his father, who always compares his son to the other sons in the community.
Benny:In the beginning of the story Benny is described as a quiet boy, who is likely to stay out of trouble, should he goes to war. He does go to war and when he returns apparently nothing has changed. Benny is still the quiet boy; short and skinny with a long narrow face, a pulpy mouth and soft black eyes. An important thing to notice is his hands. Later in the story his hands become somewhat a symbol of his mental illness(Page 174, line 24) Q: “He had big conspicuous hands, which he preferred to keep out of sight in his pockets. In fact he seemed to want to keep out of sight altogether … ” Q. end.Benny is clearly locked up inside and whenever it rains, it triggers his emotional stress, perhaps because the sound of heavy rain hitting a tin roof reminds him of machine guns firing. Later when he starts to hang around at Pop’s Cigar & Soda, he often just sits quietly looking at his hands, as if he is reliving the horrors he has seen in the war. Benny starts to lighten up after he marries Bella. He becomes talkative, works hard in his brother’s garage and generally becomes all that, what his old class-master in high school recommended he should become: An honest hard working citizen. Everything turns out fine for Benny, but all though he can now repress his scars, they are still deeply rooted in him. This is also the reason for the very sad ending of the story; that he watches a newsreel concerning war matters, and it all then comes back casting him, once again, into despair.
Bella.Bella is the daughter of Mr. Myerson, the proprietor of Pop’s Cigar & Soda. She works…


Dog attacks FAQs
How do I report a dog attack
To report an attack to a person or animal/pet call your local council or the Dangerous Dogs Hotline on 1300 101 080.To report an attack to property contact the Police. Council can also assist with regard to dogs being at large or trespassing on your property.How can dog attacks be prevented
Our website has tips and information on preventing dog attacks in the home, and preventing dog attacks in public.What are the penalties for a dog attack
If your dog attacks a person or animal you may be liable for thousands of dollars in fines and your dog may be seized and euthanased. You may also have to pay compensation for any damage caused by your dog as ordered by the court.If you set your dog to deliberately attack a person or animal you can be sentenced to a maximum of 6 months in prison.If your dog is already a declared dangerous dog, a declared menacing dog, a trained attack or guard dog or fits the restricted breed dog standard (registered or unregistered restricted breed dog) and attacks a person endangering their life or causing death, you may be charged under the Crimes Act and face possible imprisonment of 5 or 10 years jail.Note: where the owner of a dog is under the age of 18 years, the parent or guardian of that owner will be deemed the legal owner of the dog and subject to any penalties/prosecutions.If my dog attacks a person/an animal will it be euthanased
An authorised officer of council may immediately destroy a dog, if the officer believes that the dog is behaving in a manner that could result in the dog causing serious injury or death to a person or other animal.A court or council can order destruction of the dog if its owner or person in charge at the time is found guilty of the attack.A dog at large near livestock can be destroyed by the landowner or their agent.How do I stop my dog from being euthanased
You should seek legal advice to ensure…


Trivia Questions:
1. How many power stations throughout the mall 2. How many cafe tables on the first floor 3. How many trash cans throughout the mall (main mall area no food court) 4. How many buttons inside the elevator 5. When was the mall built 6. How many places in the mall can you eat or get a snack 7. How many mall entrances?
8. How many stores have a “W” in their name 9. How many stores in the mall 10. How much weight can the elevator hold 11. Which store has the shortest name (Extra points if you can name more than one)
Things to get from a store:
1. Perfume Sample
2. Find an old receipt over $10.00
3. Clothing Hanger
4. Autograph from a stranger ___________________________________________
5. Shopping bag (From a department store)
6. An employment application
7. Cologne Sample
8. Business Cards – (One point each, can get up to 3 total) (Bonus – name on card is John or Mason)
9. Buy a cupcake using the password “JMZ” – to use in another clue
10. Map of the mall
11. Fortune CookieThings to do picture or video:
1. Someone sleeping – (Bonus – take a selfie with this person)
2. Find a phone case to sample and put it on your phone
3. Get a massage
4. Try on a jersey – (Bonus – 2 NFL opposing teams in a conference championship) (Double bonus all 4 NFL teams remaining in playoffs)
5. Play Madden on X-Box – (Bonus – score a touchdown) (Double Bonus – score a touchdown against a stranger)
6. Go to a kiosk and receive a free hand wash/nail buff/or other service
7. Try on a very tall high heeled shoes – (Bonus – team that wears the tallest shoe)
8. Get a picture with the whole team on an escalator (Bonus – in the same picture have one teammate on the opposite escalator)
9. Get a picture of someone with a letterman jacket – (Bonus – Get a picture of a teammate wearing the jacket)
10. Picture of the majority of your team…


Documented Opinion Essay Topics
Topics:  Choose a topic from your college major or career plan. Look in current newspapers and magazines for an area of contoversy or interest. The list below includes suggestions.  “Brainstorm” a list of ideas about your topic and begin to form ideas for developmentEducation
How does a college education prepare students for work  in the career you have chosenIs it better for government on private groups to provide services, such as schools or recycling, in your area of interestStudents at public colleges pay about one-fourth the cost of their education.  Who pays the rest? Is the subsidy justified?  Should students in your major be required to pay more?  Why or why notWhat math and writing skills are needed for success in your profession?  What GPA is requiredHealthcare
Given all the evidence that smoking is harmful, why do people continue to smokeWhy are Americans the most overweight people in the worldHow much should people exercise?  How can we get them to exercise moreShould physicians be prevented from intentionally providing people with the means to commit suicideShould nurses be allowed to write prescriptionsShould mail-order pharmacies be legalAre healthcare professionals motivated by money or concern for helping othersSmall business
What incubators are available in the Atlanta area and what advantages do they offerWhat factors are involved in franchisingTo what extent do Atlanta’s traffic problems limit its economic potentialGovernment
Why does the United States have a higher rate of crime than almost all other advanced countriesShould states legalize gambling to raise more revenueJournalism
What restrictions, if any, should news reporters observe in their investigations and reportingAre internet file-sharing services in violation of copyright laws
Documented Opinion Essay TopicsCOMPUTERS IN MODERN LIFE1. We are becoming increasingly…

Boss Man

Choose a poem which expresses a point of view you find disturbing. Explain what distubs you about the poet’s point of view and discuss to what extent you are nevertheless able to admire the way the poem is written.Carol Ann Duffy’s poem ‘Havisham’ is a dramatic monologue written from the eyes of the infamous character Miss Havisham who is extracted from Dickens’s ‘Great Expectations’. Miss Havisham is a very disturbing character for a number of different reasons conceived by the pain and hurt she has endured through out her life after being jilted at the altar many years before the poem is set. Through out Havisham we learn that there is more underlying problems to Havisham than what was once acknowledged. Hatred completely destroys Havisham and that instead of helping her to get revenge, it makes her worse which results in her hating all men.In the first stanza of the poem, we immediately learn about Miss Havisham through her gritty honesty. She is expressing the pain of being jilted at the altar as she reveals her personal feelings of the man she was about to marry.
“Beloved sweetheart bastard.”
Here we see Duffy opening the poem in an oxymoronic way. She uses this technique to entise us in to the poem and to emphasise the contrast of her hectic feelings towards her ex-lover. This is also a very controversial way of opening the poem, possibly throwing us in at the deep end right at the start to establish what type of person Havisham is and to prepare us for the roller-coaster ahead. ‘Beloved’ being the man she once loved, ‘Sweetheart’ a word we typically call our loved ones and ‘Bastard’ an offensive swear word. All highly contrasting words which makes us feel disturbed as we enter the poem. This opening of the poem is very abrupt and it’s almost as if we’ve walked in on Miss Havisham in the midst of a breakdown. It’s also climatic, something in which we’d typically see at the end of a poem, building tension but controversially Duffy opens in this way…