The Little Prince: Most Importantly, See Only the Heart

Here is my secret, it is very simple: one sees clearly
only with the heart. The main thing is not see.
A. de Saint-Exupery

French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1990-1944) was a pilot, flying over South America, over the Cordillera, over the Sahara, laid new tracks, broke, came to the aid of comrades. He used to look at our Earth from above, with height. Maybe this is what helped him to see the Planet of people in it and understand that every person is also a separate planet, with their sorrows, joys, loneliness. To overcome this loneliness, connect people with thin threads of mutual love, fly into the sky heroes of the stories “Night flight”and” southern postal”.

Shortly before his death, Saint-Exupery wrote a sad and mocking tale for children and adults “The Little Prince”. A young man learns the world. While facing a different creature defenseless and capricious Rosa, a pompous King, a courageous Lamplighter, weak-willed Drunkard, not seeing anything beyond their own noses Astronomer concerned with the accident Pilot, the wise Fox, a treacherous Snake. And those who live on small asteroids, and those who live on Earth, actually revolve around their own problems, adults and important. The inner world of everyone — a closed space, which is not easy to break through to another person, especially-the child. Only two people understand how difficult it is sometimes to this “little planet”: the Pilot, he is the author, who did not forget about his own childhood, and the old lonely Fox, who taught the boy to comprehend the fragile wisdom of human relations.
Communication with the Fox tames the child’s trusting haste of the Little Prince. He teaches the boy the painful art of waiting. It is necessary to prepare heart, soul for friendship and love. In order to understand people, we must learn to look through it, to separate the important from the trivia, to forgive minor flaws: the most important thing is always hidden inside, and once it does not recognize. After separating from Rose, and then with the Fox, the Little Prince realizes how much it hurts to break soul ties. Therefore, met the Pilot, he is keenly waiting under the guise of foreign concerns will show his real face when weary grown man standing on the edge of destruction will face not just a weird kid, but Man. And will be able to become a child for a while, understand The Little Prince and love him. And when the boy returns to his planet, the Pilot continues to remember and see him — because the star of someone else’s soul can not be seen in the telescope, but only with a sensitive heart.

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