The Little Prince: Is the Lamplighter Funny?

Has a lot to teach the thoughtful reader tale Exupery “The Little Prince”, because every Chapter in it — a kind of parable with special meaning and wisdom.

The Little Prince had a special gift-he was able to travel to different planets. So he got acquainted with the king, ambitious, the dealer and the drunkard — strange, in his opinion, and ridiculous people. The fifth planet, which reached the Little Prince, was very small: “it is only fit that light the lamplighter”. According to the old agreement, which has now lost all meaning, the lamplighter had to. light the lantern in the evening and extinguish in the morning. But this planet is spinning faster and faster, and now the lamplighter does not know respite: “Every minute I quench the lamp and light it again.”

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On reflection, the Little Prince decided that the lamplighter, in spite of the absurdity of his position, is worthy of respect. Partially I agree with it, but not completely. Of course, the lamplighter is a responsible person, he keeps the word given a long time ago. But he understands the futility of his work! This man can not navigate the situation, he does not realize that over time, he will still be forced to break the deal — because the planet rotates faster and faster! The lamplighter does not make plans and not see the results of his work, so his work is still meaningless.

The little Prince, a subtle connoisseur of beauty, still manages to find the meaning of the work of the lamplighter: “When he lights his lantern — as if another star or flower is born. And when he extinguishes the lantern, like a star or flower sleep… It’s really useful because it’s beautiful.” But the wanderer is a wonderful place to enjoy the labor of others, the lamplighter knows no respite. He is so tired that he wants to rest all the time. Until beauty whether him now?

The little Prince thinks that of all the people he met, only the lamplighter is not ridiculous, because “he thinks not only of himself.” I feel sorry for the lamplighter because he doesn’t think about himself. If he paid more attention to himself, he, with his responsibility and sense of duty, could bring real, not fictitious, benefit.

I really liked the tale Exupery, because reading it, you can not only agree with the wise advice and statements, but also to think and reason independently.

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