NT 2580 IT Security Lab 7 Window Encryption

NT 2580 IT Security
Lab 7 Window Encryption1. Which key do you provide anyone you want to encrypt messages with private keys or bothI would say that if you are trying to encrypt a message that you want to send to someone you would send them the private key and public.
2. What does GPG allow you to do once it is installedEnables you to encrypt and sign your data and communications. Includes a key management system as well as access modules for all kind of public key directories.
3. Name two different types of encryption supported by GPG for your key.
Public and Private
4. What happens when you sign and trust a new key on your keychainA new key is created to include the private and public key based on how the new key was created.
5. If a user sends you a public key will he be able to decrypt your encrypted messages once you import and sign his keyBoth the sender and receiver must to have each other private keys in order to be able to encrypt and decrypt all messages.
6. What are the similarities between an MD5 hash and a fingerprintThey are both specific techniques to authenticate someone.7. How would you encrypt a webserver and the pages it serves up?
By using SSL to encrypt all web traffic8. Why is hashing all database inputs not considered encryption of a database? What value does hashing database entries from server to clientHashing the input entries is not considered encryption because the data in the database is still readable. Hash appends to the data as the fingerprint ensuring data integrity is still there.
9. Where would you remove a user’s certificate from being able to access systems on you networkWithin the Certificate authority server, as well as putting an entry of the users revocation of the certificate in the Certificate Revocation List (CRL).
10. Which connection type is secure and which is a clear text between SSH, telnet and FTPNeither telnet nor ftp is secure because they both transmit data I.E…

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