Madame Bovary: The collapse of the illusions of Emma Bovary

In” romantic”, illusory world, in which, as in dream, remain mired” passionate ” soul Emma Bovary, men occupy special place. According to her belief, formed on the basis of the read novels, the man had to know everything, “to be always on top”, “to cause to the woman force of passion”, “to open before her all complexity of life”, “to devote it in all secrets of life”. But the husband Emma taught nothing, he knew nothing, and wished to know nothing. Charles Bovary “couldn’t swim, didn’t know how to fence, how to shoot a gun.” He clearly did not match her romantic ideal. Before the wedding, Emma is still a “snob” that she loves him, “but happiness… from this love not time come”, and it decided, that have been proved wrong.

Thus, the collapse of the illusions of Emma Bovary begins with the entry into force heroine in marriage with Charles Bovary. But here is that surprisingly: than more she disappointed in their illusions, the more immersed in their abyss. The more life turns to her his “ugly” side, the more it flows into ozaenae “romanticism”. Flaubert masterfully showed us this state of his heroine in the famous scene of Rodolfo’s explanation of love for Emma during the Landowner’s Congress.

Flaubert mounts like scenes from separate pieces. In literary science flober really considered one of the creators of the reception “installation”. The scene in question is a classic example of this technique. Rodolfo’s explanation, burning with passion for Emma, takes place against the background of official speeches heard at the Congress:

– yeah …did I think I’d be with you tonight?

– ” …seventy francs!»

– Several times I tried to leave and after all followed you…

– For manure fertilizer…»

— And now will remain for tonight and tomorrow, and the rest of the time, for life!

– ” …Mr. Karon from Argyle-gold medal!”etc.

Merging into one stream, intertwining and commenting on each other, state, household and “romantic” rhetoric so eloquently characterizes all the vulgarity and incompetence as a love explanation, and the scarcity of the inner world of the characters of the novel, that no author’s estimates are no longer required. The reader and so everything is clear. Not clear only the most Emma Bovary. Why? Yes, because Emma was always interested in only the outer side, not inner content of man. The evidence of her love in of clerk of Leon, which is very peculiar perceived Emma Bovary. Thinking of him, she imagines the velvet color of the clerk’s coat, his brown hair and long nails.
Comes whether in the mind of the heroine of Flaubert insight? It can be argued that there is not coming, and this is because Emma Bovary, constantly dreaming of love, never really loved any of Rodolphe or Leon, nor even Charles. She always loved” invented ” Rodolfo and Leon. As for Charles, his it’s not even “invented”, even though he’s the one who really loved her. Rodolfo and Leon same its never be loved. First it was necessary only to satisfy his ambitions don Juan, the second — as an experienced and wealthy mistress. Therefore, one and the other without regret finally giving it up as soon as it hangs over the collapse of the ruin.

Illusions have vanished. Emma Bovary remains only a pile of unpaid bills and a vile, lustful face of the lender, which even Emma “come up” was no longer able to. And it remains only one thing — to be consistent in its “Boulevard” romanticism and take rat poison.

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