How is Criminology Similar to a Science? How is Criminology Different from a ScienceIntroduction The purpose of this paper is to explain the elements and characteristics that explain how criminology is similar to other sciences such as biology, chemistry and physics and more. This paper will also distinguish the differences and limitations of how criminology cannot be considered a true science such as chemistry, physic and biology. Before I begin to compare and contrast, I will first express exactly what criminology is and the job that being a criminologist entails, as well as define what is a science and what scientist do. Many have no idea what criminology mean. Criminology is the study of crime although it lengthens to a lot more. Everyone that studies the subject has a different perspective of the definition of criminology and crime. Criminology is also the analysis of the nature of crime, the offenders of crime, the causes of crime, the formulation of criminal laws and law enforcement, and the ways that crime can be controlled. Criminology is relevant every day in the society that we live in as crime is not planned, nor predicted, and occurs frequently. Newspapers are globally filled with articles about crimes of all sorts of causes and fatalities that require investigation. Scholarly journals and studies are frequently released; expressing keys ideas of criminology that help portray an understanding of criminology at an academic level. Having specialized knowledge in crime is critical in society to ensure that crime is dealt with in the right way in order to prevent further convictions from happening. The primary job of a criminologist is to study and analyze human behavior with the ultimate goal of helping to reduce crime. He or she studies crime, criminals and the effectiveness of the criminal justice system. Crime is studied through a variety of academic lenses, including sociology and psychology, and at both the micro and…

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