The similarities between Shooting an Elephant by Orwell and Salvation by Hughes are that both men were obligated to do something that was against their belief by the pressure of other people. Mr. Orwell felt hated by the people he policed and Mr. Hughes felt in a similar way if he does not get saved his aunt and the whole church will hate him. There is a similar lusting by both men to stay accepted by the people that they are around. Mr. Orwell had to shoot the elephant for which he knew it was not the right thing to do but by the pressure of the people, he did it. Mr. Hughes felt he had to lie and say that he was saved, just to get out of the position he’s in.
Knowing the right thing and doing something against it took a toll on the both men. Mr Orwell felt ashamed of what he had done and could not stand being around the chaos he had caused, not knowing the feeling after pleasing the villagers he will feel even much more alone and the feeling of being accepted does not even matter. At the end of everything he justified himself by saying he legally did the right thing.
Being ashamed and then feeling regret is more harsh than just letting people down as Mr. Hughes lay there crying his distrust away, having his love ones think different of him, that he is saved. Having to be stuck in a situation that it makes you sweat and feeling uncomfortable is too hard for him, so the easiest way out was to disregard everyone’s trust as well as his own
One of the differences to me was the age and maturity level of the men in both stories. Also Mr. Orwell was just seeking approval of the people around him while Mr. Hughes just wanted to find Jesus.

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